Euro-Bake is located inside Labor Park, on upper Kiddie Ride road directly below the big Ferris Wheel. There is easy car access from Shengli Lu. We are open 9am to 8pm every day. Phone 8360 6729.  Taxi Directions in Chinese

Walking/Driving to Euro-Bake

Overview of Downtown near Labor Park

Close Up of Walking and Driving directions from Shengli Lu:

Driving In:  There is parking in front of our shop! Entrance is through the unmarked driveway on Shengli Lu.

  • 1. On Shengli Lu, driving from West to East, go up the hill and PAST the Scenic Overlook – then continue down the other side.
  • 2. Go STRAIGHT through the traffic light. 50 meters ahead on the LEFT is an unmarked driveway (just before Shengli Lu divides). Turn LEFT into that driveway.
  • 3. Drive straight in 20m, past the school entrance, then bear Right down the steep hill.
  • 4. Immediately turn very sharp Left toward the Ferris Wheel and proceed through the gate. You will see us on the Left. If the gate is closed, just park there and walk in, about 30m to our door.

If you’re taking a taxi, please keep our phone number with you. We can guide your driver in.

Walking In from the Main Gate (across from Swish Hotel) or East Gate (across from Kempinski Hotel): Take any route up to the big red and white Soccer Ball at the center/top of the park. At the top of the last steps facing the Ball turn 90 degrees Left and walk about 100 meters toward the Ferris Wheel. You will find us behind the Bumper Cars.

Walking In from Shengli Rd. Scenic Overlook: Enter the park at the Overlook gate and walk down the path to the giant soccer ball. Make a sharp right where the stone path meets the paved road, and proceed along the road with the “ball” on your LEFT. Continue around the ball until you reach the area with the rides. Turn right just before the down staircase and walk about 50 meters toward the Ferris Wheel. You will find us behind the Bumper Cars.